Russia-EU relations


Relations between Russia and Europe continue to deteriorate. At Global Political Insight, we believe that this is detrimental to global political affairs, as collapse in cooperation between major powers leads to breakdown in security, unnecessary arms race, and ultimately failure to tackle urgent global problems, such as climate change and international terrorism. Unfortunately, this perspective is not voiced enough in the media and by influencers, leading decision makers to pursue a policy that is not in their interest, seemingly oblivious of the negative consequences this could have on both sides.

The purpose of this report

The objective of this project is to examine the relationship between Russia and the EU. Our research will focus on examining economic, political and cultural ties between Russia and the European Union and how severed relations will affect these ties.

Over the next few weeks, Global Political Insight will work with academics, journalists and think-tanks to carry out the research and digest the findings. We will host an event to launch the paper at the start of 2015. Global Political Insight will invite journalists, politicians, academics, NGO and think-tank representatives to discuss the findings.

You can read the proposal and find out what areas will be covered in the report by clicking on the link below:

Proposal for research on Russia-EU relations

If you are interested in participating or supporting this project, please email

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