What the Western media is not reporting on Ukraine

It has been reported and confirmed over the last few days that rebels who refuse to accept the legimiacy of the new Western puppet government of Ukraine have left the city of Sloviansk. The Western media quoted Ukrainian President Poroshenko as saying that Ukrainian troops had “liberated Sloviansk from terrorists”, and that it was “the start of a turning point in the fight against the militants”. What the Western media deliberately decided to leave out is that Ukrainian forces attacked the city of Lugansk, shelling civilian areas, killing innocent civilians and destroying schools and hospitals.

Western media has been biased in its reporting of the Ukrainian crisis from day one. From failing to report on the neo-Nazi elements of the anti-Victor Yanukovich opposition, to refusing to cover the U.S. involvement of the Western organized coup against Yanukovich, the media has only covered one side of the story. Western media characterised the coup as a democratic right but the uprising of anti-Kiev activists as troublemaking by Russia. The reporting has been accompanied by a concerted and completely over-the-top demonisation of Russia. Opponents of Yanukovych were often described in the media as peaceful protesters, despite scenes of some of the most ferociously violent attacks on Ukraine’s police. By contrast the western media routinely describes pro-Russian separatists as rebels, militants, insurgents, chechens, terrorists, militia.

However the latest coverage of Ukraine by the Western not only illustrates its bias, but it has also shown that it is complicit in the killings of civilians by the Kiev regime. Having watched the Russian media, which showed videos of the shelling, of houses being burned to ground, and grueling images and videos of dead civilians, one is left felling complete indignation at the immoral level that the Western media has stooped. Each day across Ukraine’s restive east more and more pictures are posted on Twitter of the bodies of civilians – middle aged women, casually dressed men, children – lying dead by the roadside. But how many do we see in the Western press, on TV or online news agencies?

The Ukrainian crisis is not the only event that has been completely skewed by the Western media. Reports on the Syria conflict are horrendously one-sided. Unsubstantiated charges of chemical weapons use by the Assad government are reported as fact. The killing of pro-Assad voters at an election booth given no more than lip service. When the Western backed Syrian extremist fighters deliberately cut off the water supply to 2.5million residents of Allepo, only British newspaper The Independent reported on it. Even United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki Moon’s condemnation of this act went unreported in the mainstream media. Similarly there has been no outrage about the Kiev authority’s attempts to cut off the water supply to the Crimea.

The failure of the Western media to report on the atrocities committed by the Kiev regime over the last two days further illustrate the need for independent media. As innocent Ukrainian civilians continue to die while the Western media turns a blind eye to the crimes commited by Poroshenko and his army, it is up to the alternative media to inform the public of the true human cost of the Ukrainian crisis.

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2 Comments on “What the Western media is not reporting on Ukraine”

  1. July 8, 2014 at 1:13 pm #

    Whilst I agree that the western media has been biased in its reporting it is understandable that for a media that knows so little about Ukraine they are likely to jump to nefarious conclusions. Certainly the destruction and death in Slavyansk, Luhansk and Mauripol has been catastrophically under reported in the West. It is alleged in some circles in (Russia and abroad) that those bodies are also similar to bodies shown in South Ossetia in 2008. However this is conjecture to which I have no compunction to get involved in. The article is very correct to bring this issue up and it bodes ill for the Poroshenko regime and Ukraine’s future.

    The far right has been a vocal minority of little more than a few thousand (if not hundreds)protesters. This should not detract from those protesters that stood up against a regime infringing their rights, limiting democratic accountability and putting key elements of the state and business into their hands. Yes Ukraine is divided, but it was comprehensively reported (and correctly) that this was a wide demonstration movement. Western media did alarmingly ignore the neo-Nazi’s and their corresponding threat in the same way that Russia continually on Rossiya 1, 2 and countless other television channels played up. Voice of Russia and Rossiya 1 continually portrayed a refugee crisis that involved (in the beginning) the movement of people forcibly from villages close to the Ukrainian-Russian border and the videoing of Ukrainians fleeing across the Polish border, whilst a Russian news reporter commented that this was the ‘refugee surge into Russia’.

    Whilst I agree that the western media has been limited in its understanding and reporting on Ukraine it is not solely western media that is to be blamed. On a blog that I have happily contributed to and read avidly I am surprised that this article which makes spurious allegations was published. Certainly in such a vociferous form. I would argue that the West was unable to organise a coup in Kiev was it was as surprised by events, leading to its cack-handed response to the crisis. However I would welcome a dialogue on this.

  2. Charlie
    August 23, 2014 at 3:25 pm #

    Agree with every word of your article. I’m just aghast at western media coverage. This morning on the BBC, the coverage focussed on what various UN ambassadors were saying about the Russian convoy, and what the head of security in the Ukrainian government was saying, something which was then reported as “Ukraine says that…” After several minutes of sound bites and shots of lorries, the BBC, almost as a casual aside, mentioned that 2000 people have died in the conflict (failing to mention that they’d been killed by Ukrainian government forces) before moving on to the next news item. It beggars belief how the deaths of thousands of people in a European conflict can be so blissfully ignored by western media.

    When Slobodan Milosevic did the same, he was a war criminal. Poroshenko?

    But even the facts are being distorted. The Russian convoy had been checked by Ukrainian officials and was waiting for a Red Cross escort. The Red Cross decided it was too dangerous for them to go into Eastern Ukraine (which leaves me wondering what’s the point of the Red Cross if they baulk at entering war zones). So the Russian convoy entered anyway. BBC decided to ignore the information about the Red Cross, preferring to talk about a Russian incursion into Ukraine.

    Why the astonishing bias?

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