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Russia needs to be respected

Russia is a peculiar country. Though it is no longer a communist state, Russia still continues to be the centre of attention when it comes to the West picking out the other countries they mistrust and see as a potential threat ti Europe and America. Given how much mistrust and anger there is towards the […]

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Syria: all sides need to forget about pride and point scoring

The conflict in Syria seems to have gone on for eternity now. Though it has been just over two years since the violence started, constant depressing media coverage and the agonising monthly announcements by the United Nations of the number of the dead, has created the sad feeling that this conflict will go on for […]

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Can the Middle East find peace again?

After the Arab Spring began last year, the people in the Middle East and the rest of the world were so much full of hope and aspirations, genuinely or naively believing that this will be a new start for the region. However, one year on, the situation in the Middle East looks far worse than […]

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