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Europe may follow Japan’s recession

High debt, low growth, and unemployment may become “the new normal in Europe”, according to Christine Lagarde, managing director of The International Monetary Fund (IMF). These words, together with Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcement that “red warning lights are once again flashing on the dashboard of the global economy” mean that 2015 could see a […]

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Financial markets: quiet before the storm?

The recent headlines of geopolitical clashes or the series of stricter banking regulations that are restricting banks by forcing them to deleveraging did not stop the financial markets from growing. On the contrary, undeterred by relatively weak growth of the major economics, financial stocks are continually reaching their record highs. Volatility on the markets is […]

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American politics and money: Why the Republican Party shouldn’t cash in on super PACs in the 2014 mid-terms

By Hilary Stoten We can all thank Citizens United and SpeechNow.org, the two Supreme Court decisions in 2010 for reopening the doors to overwhelming amounts of unlimited corporate money in US elections. These seminal rulings led to the birth of a new political vehicle in the campaign finance world: super PACs. Super PACs are a fresh […]

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