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India attempts to enter the African market

It may have taken India’s government a long time to notice, but optimistic forecasts on Africa’s economic growth may finally be pushing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to try to pinch away at the daunting gap of Chinese investment on the continent, where trade between both nations has ballooned to valued figures over $200 Billion USD. […]

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India can become the economic driver of the BRICS

Headlines concerning a slumping rouble in Russia, infrastructure issues in Johannesburg, and slow growth in both Brazil and China might not be the bearer of bad news for everyone. For India, such a time represents an opportunity in the face of global economic woes. It has not been a good year in economic terms for […]

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Why Secularism is the Pillar of India’s Defense against Al-Qaeda

In wake of the recent announcement by Al-Qaeda chief, Ayman al Zawahiri, calling for an Islamist resurgence, India has become the organization’s newest target, but despite the fiery rhetoric, the futile attempt to influence and tap into India’s 175 million Muslim population for recruitment hasn’t in the slightest had the effect Ayman al Zawahiri was […]

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